Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reasons for Women’s Hair Loss and How Hair Transplants in Mexico Help

Hair, no matter how it is styled or cut, is one of the ultimate symbols of femininity. A lot of Mexican women boost their self-esteem through physical appearance, so hair and beauty is such a lucrative and flourishing industry. In a world where tips for caring and styling hair flood beauty magazines, and advertisements for smooth, perfect tresses dominate television commercials, women cannot help but be conscious about how their hair looks. Thinning hair and hair loss are a common complaint among middle-aged men, which is why hair transplants in Mexico are becoming exceedingly standard for males. Hair loss, however, could actually occur in women as well. It’s natural for women to lose fifty up to a hundred strands per day, but abnormal hair loss can be triggered by much more serious causes.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Mexico Hair Transplant Expert Participates in CILAD Congress 2014

Mexico hair transplant expert, Dr. Sara Lea Salas , Founder of Baja Hair Center, recently participated in CILAD 2014. The College Ibero Latin American Dermatology (CILAD), an international, scientific non-profit association, organized XX CILAD Congress last November 15-18, 2014 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The said event aimed to promote the progress of Ibero Latin American dermatologists through exchange of scientific, professional, academic improvement and fraternal ties.