Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hair Restoration in Mexico: Are You the Right Candidate for This?

Fortunately, women—and men—who are experiencing thinning hair have several options in hair restoration in Mexico to regain their once-glorious locks, from topical medications like minoxidil to hair transplantation. The latter involves grafting a strip of hair from a person’s scalp and then placing it in the area where there’s noticeable hair loss. However, this option is not a “one-size, fits all” solution. One has to be the right candidate first. The Follicular Unit Extraction or FUT technique for hair transplants in Mexico calls for the removal of a narrow strip of scalp. It’s from this strip where hair follicles will be extracted and then transplanted or grafted to the balding areas. For the procedure to work, individuals must have at least a small area where hair still grows. Thus, hair grafting isn’t recommended for those who’ve experienced complete hair loss.

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